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Founded in 2005 by Gary Taylor, Deaf Solutions 3 has gone from strength to strength in sign language excellence and reputation.

Deaf Solutions 3 has a consistently successful track record of helping learners achieve their aims through our BSL courses and we have also delivered a range of courses directly to organisations including:

  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Midstream
  • Salford and Trafford NHS Trust
  • Stockport Education Support Service

About Deaf Solutions 3

At Deaf Solutions 3, we provide a range of sign language courses and sign language services to support both hearing and d/Deaf people to communicate and develop skills in British Sign Language.

Our Key Sign Language Services Include:

  • British Sign Language courses
  • Deaf awareness Training
  • Deaf Interpreter services

For more information about our programme of courses and services, click on the BSL Courses link at the top of the page.

The Highest Standards In British Sign Language

Deaf Solutions 3 is wholly Deaf owned and managed and the core values of the business is to deliver high, consistent and measurable standards in British Sign Language education in order to deliver proper access by Deaf people. In order to achieve this, all teaching staff in Deaf Solutions 3 are Deaf sign language users and are either fully qualified to teach or being actively mentored whilst studying on an accredited course, with classroom oversight by a qualified tutor.

When you enrol on a course with Deaf Solutions 3, our aim is to make sure you get exactly what you hoped for from the experience. All of our courses encourage home study and we provide a dedicated Student Zone within the website brimming with useful study resources. We also actively encourage learners to continue onto further courses by offering a 10% discount to any returning learner.

British Sign Language

British Sign Language (BSL) is the first or preferred language of around 250,000 Deaf people in the UK.

It is a language of space and movement using the hands, body, face and head. Around 120,000 hearing people also use BSL, meaning it is used more than Welsh or Gaelic.

Since the British Deaf Association (BDA) started in 1890, we have been campaigning for Deaf people’s right to use BSL, to be educated in BSL, and to access information and services through BSL. We believe this is the best way for Deaf people to take part in society, equally to hearing people. That is why we campaigned for the government to recognise BSL.

BSL – An Official British Language

BSL was recognized as an official British language by the UK government on 18 the March 2003, but it does not have any legal protection. This means that Deaf people do not have full access to information and services that hearing people take for granted, including education, health and employment.

The BDA wants BSL to be legalized, which will give BSL users the legal right to use it, bringing years of language discrimination to an end.

Help Us Promote BSL

Deaf Solutions promotes British Sign Language excellence through our BSL Courses and sign language training, join us to help promote the use of British Sign Language

The British Sign Language Alphabet

DS3 challenges you to learn the BSL alphabet – see how fast you can complete A-Z!

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