Unit 320 – Linguistics Videos

BSL 320 – Sign Linguistics Knowledge

BSL Linguistics Info

BSL Glossary

BSL Sign Order – Not English

BSL Classifiers

BSL Directional Verbs

BSL Location – Touch


BSL Non Manual Features

BSL Placement

BSL Role-Shift

BSL Timeline

BSL Timeline Side Example

How to use BSL Sign Order

BSL British Sign Language and SSE Sign Supported English

Word Order

Classifiers in BSL

BSL Newsround – The ‘V’ Classifier

Handshape Classifiers

Classifiers in BSL

BSL Context

Compound Signs

Compound Signs

Directional Verbs

Directional Verbs 1-10

Multichannel Signs

NMF Emotions 






Role-shift – Bus Stop

Role-shift – Library

Role-shift – Adult in Front

Role-shift – Adult to Side

Role-shift – Child in Front

Role-shift – Reception in Front

Role-shift – Drunk

Role-shift – Child to Side

Role-shift – Child to Left

Role-shift – Child Forward

Role-shift – Adult and Reception Forward

Role-shift – Adult Right

Word Ordering

Question Signs

Gesture and Body Language – Programme