Student Feedback – Thanks to DS3

Just to say thank you for all the input on my Level 3 course!
As you may be aware I have enjoyed every minute! Everything about the course is a positive. The accommodation was comfortable and easy to reach. The class size was just right, enough people to practice with yet not so big that it was difficult to engage. The learning environment was comfortable yet focused and business  like.
Gary has been an inspiration, with a fantastic knowledge and approachable manner. Learning has been fun and I have felt confident to ask questions and clarify any misunderstandings. I wouldn’t hesitate to enrol with DS3 again and would happily recommend them to a friend or colleague. Gary always refers to the Deaf perspective, which I feel is very important in creating empathy for working with Deaf people. We were also encouraged to increase out knowledge of issues within the Deaf community and the topics of conversation affecting Deaf people. This not only created awareness but was very useful for the receptive skills assessment.
I have increased my knowledge and confidence in using BSL considerably. Many in the Deaf community  have commented on my improvement. I feel fully prepared to continue onto a higher level.
The website has proved to be a source of information with lots of additional materials for receptive practice and linguistics. I was very useful to be able to access the Power Points from each session and use these for revision.
Last, and by no means least, the social evenings. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet other BSL students of all levels and some BSL native users. Always relaxed and rarely political. I will continue to attend these as I have made many friends by doing so.
Wishing you the very best for the future. Keep in touch