BSL Level 1 – Application Form

Website – Student Zone Access

  • All students will have access to our website once the course has commenced. Here you will find all materials and useful information relevant for your course.
  • You will be provided with a username and password once the course has commenced.

Payment Details

  • Total Course Fee: £379.00
  • Tuition Fee: £275.00
  • Examination Fee: £104.00

There are 3 examinations throughout the L1 course
An initial deposit of £50.00 is due as soon as possible. Your place on the course will be secured once we have received the initial deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.

Payment Plan

  • £50.00 Deposit
  • £100.00 due 30th 1st Month of course
  • £100.00 due 30th 2nd Month of course
  • £100.00 due 30th 3rd Month of course
  • £29.00 due 30th 4th Month of course

Your payment plan will be sent to you once your deposit has been received.

Details for Payment

All payments are to be made via online banking to the following account: This includes your initial deposit and the monthly payments as outlined below.

  • Account Name: Deaf Solutions 3
  • Account Type: Business
  • Account Number: 93855751
  • Sort Code: 09 01 28
  • Bank: Santander
  • Please quote your full name as the reference.
  • Please email to confirm deposit has been paid.

Your place will be secured and confirmed once your deposit is received.

Refund Policy

If a student cancels enrolment before the start of the course, there is no automatic refund of fees. If Deaf Solutions 3 cancels the course a full refund will be given.

If a student withdraws from the course at any time, regardless of any prior agreed payment plans, the remainder of the course fees outstanding will remain payable in full.

Examination Fees

In the event that any student requires a re-sit assessment, the cost of this will need to be paid by you the student.

The assessment fees are set by Signature the governing body for British Sign Language not by Deaf Solutions 3. The examination fees are increased yearly by Signature, therefore the examination fees currently shown are quoted at the current rate. There will be a slight increase in these fees from August each year.

Students are reminded that any increase will need to be paid by you the student during your current course, in addition to the costs already outlined on this application form.

Next Steps:
• Please complete and ‘submit’ the application form above
• Pay your £50.00 deposit required to secure your place on the course.