Deaf Awareness

Deaf Awareness is the broad term used to describe a positive understanding of and attitude towards Deaf people, the Deaf community and Deaf Culture.

What does Deaf Awareness include?

Basic understanding of Sign Language and fingerspelling
Understanding Deaf History and Culture
Communication Tactics
The Equality Act, legislation and Deaf people
Language and communication services
Society & Deaf people
Deaf Organisations

Why do you need it?

This is often a personal decision, but may also be a requirement in making sure your work or organisation is able to meet the expectations of the law.

Deaf people make up an important and valued part of our society and enriches the world with a beautiful language and colourful history and culture, which includes poetry, comedy and community values.

Developing Deaf Awareness through your workplace or job will mean that you are able to move towards an accessible service and workplace. This brings many benefits including ensuring that you meet your legal duties.

What We Offer

We offer bespoke deaf awareness training solutions and deaf awareness courses to suit the needs of businesses and organisations.

Deaf Awareness Training Courses

Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf Solutions3 offer deaf awareness training tailored exactly to the needs of your organisation. All of our courses are fully accredited and designed for those who wish to acquire basic knowledge of how deafness and deaf blindness affect communication and wish to acquire skills to facilitate basic communication with deaf people. All Deaf Solutions 3 training courses are undertaken by a qualified experienced Deaf tutor


  • Half day course:
  • Deaf Solutions 3 certificate of attendance
  • Terminology and statistic
  • Communication tactic
  • Introduction to BSL/fingerspelling
  • Organisational issues
  • Technology
  • Language Services

Plus for a full day only:

  • Language and culture
  • DDA
  • Society
  • Deaf organisations