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Learner Handbook and Induction


Thank you for choosing to study with Deaf Solutions 3.  The team of staff at Deaf Solutions 3 are dedicated to providing quality training to all students.  We are a Deaf led organisation with a team of Deaf tutors, assessors and verifiers. 

We have an excellent pass rate for all our students and are professional and passionate about delivering our courses to improve communication between D/deaf and hearing people.

Enclosed in this booklet is all the information you need about your course. Please take time to read the contents of the handbook then complete your details and submit the form to us.

Deaf Solutions 3
Mission Statement

To passionately and professionally provide Deaf led training and services to improve communication between D/deaf and hearing people and ultimately improve access for sign language users.  We will do this by responding to demand with a variety of training courses, ensuring a high quality of teaching, ensuring excellent communication with learners, provision of quality training materials and continuous professional development of staff. 

Deaf Solutions 3 Centre
Learning Charter

Deaf Solutions 3 is committed to the continuous development and improvement of its training facilities, services and resources.

We will make every effort to respond to all suggestions and requests concerning the improvement of our training provision. All participants attending Deaf Solutions 3 courses will have the opportunity to complete evaluation forms and all information received from completed evaluations will be considered and acted upon accordingly.

Deaf Solutions 3 aims to support all learners to achieve the qualification for which they are studying, in an open and enjoyable environment.

All tutors who work within Deaf Solutions 3 are either fully qualified to teach in the lifelong learning sector or are currently studying to achieve this qualification and are being formally supported within Deaf Solutions 3 by a qualified tutor.

General Information

Lead Tutor: Gary L Taylor

Holidays:     See course timetable
DS3 do not strictly follow school/college term dates.

Mobile:          (Text only 07545 818273)



Deaf Solutions 3 staff team:

Business Owner/Lead Tutor: Gary L Taylor

Business Manager: Peter Hopkins

Business Communication Facilitator: Paula Vasey

Business BSL Interpreter: Neil Taylor


Learners agree to:-

  • Inform their tutor directly if they cannot attend a lesson for any reason, by text message or email.
  • Take into account the course timetable dates when planning holidays.
  • Pay course fees in full or by agreed instalments and pay on the due date. Any problems with payment dates should be discussed with the Deaf Solutions 3 at the earliest opportunity.
  • Attend all classes where possible, as all tuition we provide is valuable to your assessment.
  • Inform us of any medical conditions which may occur during your study with us. This will enable staff to be aware and fully support you the student and apply for a reasonable adjustment request.

Deaf Solutions 3 agrees to:-

  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment ensuring the safety of staff and learners.
  • To support all learners to achieve the qualification for which they are studying.
  • Use a replacement tutor wherever possible if your tutor is absent.
  • In the event that a class needs to be cancelled, all reasonable attempts will be made to contact and inform learners.
  • Not refund any monies if a learner withdraws from the course. Any payments outstanding will also need to be paid in full by the student.

Classroom Rules:-

  • Please do not chat whilst the Tutor is teaching or when other learners are presenting.
  • Please concentrate and switch off your voice whilst in the class, as this will improve your receptive skills.
  • Respect and support each other by working as a group.
  • Please do not use bad language
  • Your tutor is there to support you, please feel free to ask any questions.
  • Please do not chew gum in class as this makes lip-reading difficult.
  • Mobiles may remain switched on for emergency and on-call purposes only. If you do have to take a phone call please excuse yourself from the class. Do not use your mobile, check messages etc. during class.
  • Make sure you maintain good eye contact with your tutor.

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Deaf Solutions 3 (DS3) is committed to a working and learning environment that is free from any form of harassment.  Harassment adversely affects working and social conditions for staff, students and visitors and is unacceptable.  Persistent or gross harassment, and in particular, sexual or racial harassment will be treated as grounds for disciplinary action or expulsion from any DS3 course.

What is Harassment?

Harassment causes distress, harm and anxiety.  It interferes with people’s ability to work and study and may be so serious and unrelenting that the person who is being harassed may feel it necessary to change job or course.  It is uninvited, may be personally offensive and is always unwelcome.  It can be detrimental to all aspects of people’s social and working lives.

We will therefore take harassment to include any behaviour that is offensive, intimidating or hostile; which interferes with individuals’ working or social environment; or which induces stress, anxiety, fear or sickness on the part of the harassed person.  The defining features are that the behaviour is offensive or intimidating to the recipient and would be so regarded by any reasonable person.

It is important to remember the differences of attitude, background or culture and the misinterpretation of social signals can mean that what is perceived as harassment by one person may not seem to another.

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted as an excuse for harassment.

Some general examples of harassment may include:-

  • Physical contact ranging from touching to serious assault
  • Verbal and written harassment through jokes, offensive language, gossip and slander, sectarian songs, letters etc.
  • Visual display of posters, graffiti, obscene gestures, flags, bunting or emblems.
  • Isolation or non-co-operation at work, exclusion from social activities.
  • Coercion ranging from pressure for sexual favours to pressure to participate in political/religious groups.
  • Intrusion by pestering, spying or following someone.
  • Some forms of harassment are illegal e.g., sexual or racial harassment.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Deaf Solutions 3 is committed to equal opportunities and the principle of Equal Opportunity will apply to recruitment, training, pay, conditions of service, work allocation and promotion of staff and staff relationships, irrespective of race, colour, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, disability and any other protected individual characteristics as detailed within the Equality Act 2010.

Deaf Solutions 3, in its attempt to demonstrate its support will consider applicants to courses and employment from all backgrounds and with any protected individual or cultural characteristic. We actively encourage minority groups to achieve employment by offering specialist help and assistance where possible.

In particular Deaf Solutions 3 actively encourages Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to achieve their goals and aspirations through work with the organisation on either a voluntary capacity or through paid employment. In taking positive action, we support the principle that teaching of sign language should be delivered by people that use sign language as part of their daily cultural life.

Whilst operating the policy the Centre will endeavour to ensure that all contractors, sub-contractors and related organisations have an Equal Opportunity Policy or are taking steps to develop one, whilst operating within the broad principles of Equal Rights and Opportunity.

The centre will also ensure that all learners are explicitly aware of this policy and of the values and beliefs held by Deaf Solutions 3 in relation to equality and diversity and that the principles therein are managed in practice within the classroom.

Refund Policy

If a student cancels enrolment before the start of the course, there is no automatic refund of fees paid.  If a student withdraws from the course at any time after commencing on the course, regardless of any prior agreed payment plans, the remainder of the course fees outstanding will remain payable in full.

If Deaf Solutions 3 cancels the course prior to its start date a full and complete refund will be given. If Deaf Solutions 3 cancels a full timetabled course after the course has started, for any reason, students will be given the option of a replacement course within 6 months where possible or the option of a full refund.

Questions / Help

If you have any questions about the course, any concerns or would like to discuss any aspect of your course (that you are not able to discuss with your tutor) please contact us directly at the Deaf Solutions 3 office by email, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  All discussions remain confidential.


We will register all students with Signature, the governing body for British Sign Language qualifications.  Registration will be required in order for you to undertake your three examinations.  On passing all three examinations, students will be issued with a recognised qualification.

Examination dates will be arranged between yourselves and your tutor.  You will be contacted to confirm the dates once they have been agreed.  All results will be sent to you from our office. 

Any student who fails an examination will be offered a resit.  The cost of the resit will need to be met by you the student.  The examination fees are set by Signature; Deaf Solutions 3 pay the examination fees directly to Signature on your behalf. 

Any student who does not attend their examination once this has been booked, will have to pay for a resit, as once the examination has been booked we cannot change the date.

Please note:  examination fees are increased by Signature in August each year.  If your course runs over the month of August you will be advised on the increase and this will be added to your payment plans.


Examination results can take up to six weeks from the date of the examination.  These will be sent out to students once they have been received at our office.  We have no control over the release of the examination results; these are sent to us from Signature.

On completion of all three assessments, certificates will be sent out to our office, following which they will be sent out to students; again this can be up to six weeks after your last examination.

Student Contact Details

Please ensure that you keep us informed of any changes to your mobile or email contacts, or your home address.

Access to Website

All students will have access to our website by secure username and password which will be issued to you once the course has commenced.  You will be given details of how to log into the system.  Here you will find materials related to your course, plus a range of practice materials.  IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTIES LOGGING INTO THE WEBSITE, PLEASE CONTACT US.


Deaf Solutions 3 students who continue to the next Level of BSL with us, will receive a 10% discount on course fees (excludes examination fees)

Payment of Fees

Students must pay their fees by the required date as outlined on your payment plan. Failure to pay course fees on time may result in your placement being terminated.

Special Requirements (Reasonable Adjustment)

If you have any special needs or disabilities that may affect your learning experience or ability to undertake the assessments without support, please email us as soon as possible.  Please note that if you choose not to disclose any medical condition that could affect your progress on the course, then you might not be entitled to any reasonable adjustment later in the course.