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Prepping For Your Zoom Class

Before Class – Device & Room Settings

  • Use a laptop, PC/mac or tablet with minimum 10-inch screen.
  • Have your device in landscape position.
  • Have your camera at eye level where possible.
  • Your screen should be arms length, so your face and torso are visible.
  • Sit facing your light source so your face is well illuminated and visible.
  • Proper lighting allows good visibility of facial expressions and signing.

During Class – Zoom Settings

  • BSL only
    • Your tutor is Deaf
    • Your class will be on mute to encourage BSL use
    • Use chat window, if required.
  • Can you see everyone?
    • If not, select Gallery view in the top right-hand corner of your Zoom window (see link below)
  • ┬áHand-Up
    • Raise your hand when you need to ask/answer
  • Repositioning your camera
    • Turn off your video whilst you reposition so class can continue until you’re ready.

If you need further support, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide guidance.