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BSL Level 2 – JDU 2022 Group

This is your group’s private page where you will find your timetable and class specific resources.

203 Practise Videos

202 Practise Videos


Shopping & Spending


Directional Verbs

Affirmation & Negation

Role Shift


Class – 28-04-2022

Whiteboard Reminder:

Course Timetable (10am – 4pm)

Sending Videos to Gary

If you have a dropbox account, you can either share your video directly or provide the email address your account is linked to. We will then send you a link to a shared folder to add your videos to.

If you don’t have DropBox you can send your videos for free via

Before Your Course Starts

Please review the Unit Specifications
Student Zone > Level 2 – Resources

Please review some of the Unit 201 videos
Student Zone > Level 2 – Media

Study Log

Please download the Study Log, and record your additional study / practise activity here. Send your updates in regularly, via email or hand in to Gary at class.